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Our Story

Serendipitous - this one word really sums up the story on how Skin, sea and Hawaii was formed. 




It all started out with my very first trip to Hawaii in Aug 2019, where I first saw the largest collection of sunscreen in the stores! 

Some even had the term "reef-safe" on their labels which was certainly a little bizarre to me at that point of time! 

(Little did I know, that not all "reef-safe" sunscreens are made the on for my journey through sunscreens....)


The succinct version of the story goes on like this...

  • I bought a spray can of sweet coconut-smelling sunscreen labelled as "reef-safe" from a well-known brand (and gave myself a pat on the back for my  environmental protection efforts)
  • forced to toss it out of my bags for my flight back to SG ...due to strict TSA rules!
  • tried but was unable to find the sunscreen spray from any SG retailer
  • figured out I should start a business distributing it since no one else did!
  • did some digging and research....and discovered the HUGE CONCERNS on
    • chemical & artificial ingredients (yes that's where the sweet fake coconut scent came from)
    • the deliberate misleading "reef-safe" labels
    • the hormone-disrupting & potentially cancer-causing impact of such harmful ingredients on humans
    • degrading impact of said ingredients on marine life......


And I stopped to ponder— what's the legacy I want to leave future generations with?

I switched directions - natural & clean, toxin-free, earth-conscious would be the cornerstones of my business. 

And it's as if the universe heard my intentions loud and clear, the products/brands which echo this same vibe starting appearing on my browser screen! 

Last but not least, to pay homage to the sources of my inspiration - the business was named "Skin, sea and Hawaii".


With love,