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Choosing your sunscreen - what to consider?

SPF levels, mineral vs chemicals, toxic ingredients, eco-friendly/reef-safe - where does one even start?

Eventually, it is a matter of personal preference in choosing a sunscreen. What I do believe is that consumers should be making an informed decision, which is this post is meant to achieve!

The folks at have made a really useful infographic on sunscreens. (we refer to various extracts below)


"Wait - but isn't sunscreen supposed to prevent skin cancer? Are we saying now that they could cause other health problems?"

Indeed so. Up until 3 months ago, I was also blissfully unaware like most of you, about this conundrum. In this consumerism culture in the world, it is just so easy for us to get sucked into the attractive marketing campaigns, especially those which tout formulations for "Asian-market", "light gel textures". 

Do you know that these "light gel textures" contain even more chemicals and synthetic preservatives? Because water as we all know, is not a good preservative.


Read on for more information on these harmful ingredients.



So if a sunscreen labels itself as "reef-safe" - that product should be good, right?

  • Not quite. While some companies have taken out Oxybenzone and Octinoxate out of their sunscreen products (the two ingredients that are will be banned in certain places such as Hawaii), they have replaced them with other chemicals/synthetics.
  • Also, some products labelled as "mineral sunscreen" still contain many preservatives and chemicals, even though they have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide components. 

It takes a paradigm shift, but read the labels! 





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